• The ACE Awards is an acknowledgement and celebration of creative and innovative works made by Nigerians (Africans) and taking quality products global.
  • The ACE Awards will honour the creative and tenacious spirit of the African producer.
  • Winners will receive the ACE Award as a mark of their excellence.
  • The ACE Awards will encourage and inspire new talent within the various Pan African industries through its annual programme.
  • The ACE Awards will take place in Lagos, Nigeria (for now) annually


  • By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to accept the terms and conditions as listed in the submission form.
  • The entrant also agrees that the project is eligible for entry
  • The entrant also understands that the entry products are made-in-Nigeria or made-in-Africa


  • Call for submission: Opens: few months before the Awards ceremony in April (communication is done via social platforms; follow @bell_africana on Instagram, @bellafricana on Facebook)
  • Only fully executed online submissions will be accepted.
  • The ACE Awards Nominees will be announced on a communicated date 
  • The category winners will be announced at the ACE Awards gala in Lagos, Nigeria


Viewers will vote to determine the top 3 winners of each award categories.

  • All entries will be assessed for quality and accuracy. Entries failing to meet any of the submission requirements will be rejected.
  • Products that are not produced or packaged in Africa are not eligible for submission.
  • Viewers will cast their vote (ONCE PER PERSON) via available platforms which is currently on the event website to determine select category winners.
  • Viewers may vote once from any where in the world.
  • Vote numbers, rules, regulations and procedures will be made available on the ACE website at
  • Voting ends on a communicated date
  • Results will be verified by the ACE appointed Judges.
  • The Judges’ decisions will be final.
  • Results will be announced on the day


  • The ACE Executive Committee will appoint the Executive Judge.
  • The Judges will be selected from a wide group of experts from the Lagos State Government, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce, Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nigerian Export Promotion Council and Nigeria-Britain Association. The Judges will be recognized experts in their respective fields.
  • The top 3 nominees are required to submit a 1 minute video about their brand to be submitted to the Judges
  • The Executive Judge will oversee selection proceedings and the judging process
  • The judging panel will scrutinise each nominee and determine the final category winner.

Note: This Committee of Judges is there to ensure that even if you have the highest vote, your product as to be good as well.


  • Impact: Is your business demonstrating some impact already in the economy?
  • Job Creation: Has the business created some jobs and has the potential to create more high quality jobs?
  • Quality of Work: Does the business show great quality and competence to compete globally?
  • Customer Satisfaction: Is the company socially present and accepted by consumers?
  • Scalability: Does the company already earn revenues and does it have potential to scale.


  1. Best Indigenous Textile Designer
  2. Best Beauty Brand
  3. Best Fashion Brand (Clothing, Shoes)
  4. Best Startup of the Year
  5. Best Accessories Brand (Jewelry, Bags)
  6. Best Eco-friendly Product Innovation
  7. Best Innovative Product of the Year
  8. Best Pioneer Craftsman/woman of the Year (Over 10 years)
  9. Best Food Produce Innovation
  10. Best Creative Kid Enterpreneur
  11. Best Creative Social Enterprise of the Year
  12. Best Creative Kids Brand
  13. Best Arts & Crafts Person
  14. Best Home & Lifestyle Brand
  15. Best emerging African Brand