Micro, small and medium-size businesses nationwide produce a great deal of outstanding products, yet these creative business owners aren’t encouraged to innovate and create more.

The time has come where we should all come together to recognise and encourage these hardworking and greatly skilled men and women who are making a significant impact through their various Industries/sectors.

It’s time to celebrate and commend their passion, tenacity, innovation and creativity. It’s time to reward them so that they will be encouraged to create more and restore the wealth of the economy.

African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed ACE Awards), powered by Bellafricana, aims to laud the creative works of Nigerians, which makes open competition affordable and accessible. In turn, this will encourage more businesses to look inwards (be original) and create more globally acceptable brands.


The Complete List of Nominees for ACE Awards 2018 are:

1) Best Indigenous Textile Designer

  • Adire Nation
  • Tamzhub
  • Mimiremi Textiles

2) Best Beauty Brand

  • Natural Nigerian
  • Inner Beautee
  • Narganics

3) Best Fashion Brand (Clothing/Shoes)

  • 313 Eko
  • Man Kave
  • Hesey Designs

4) Start Up of the Year

  • Pillowtalk9ja
  • Kilienma
  • Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi

5) Best Accessories Brand (Jewelry, Bag)

  • Inspire by Pine Tree
  • Ty Tys Designs
  • Zivanora

6) Best Eco-friendly Product

  • Shells of Africa
  • Cyrus45
  • John Edom Visuals

7) Best Innovative Product of the Year

  • Tosh Coconuts
  • Creative Safari Craft Kits
  • Not Just Pulp

8) Best Pioneer Craftsman/woman of the Year (Over 10 years)

  • Morin O
  • Design for Love
  • Kolakuddus

9) Best Food Produce Innovation

  • Tigernuts Republic (Be Healthy)
  • Loshes Chocolate
  • Happy Coffee

10) Best Creative Kid Entepreneur

  • Daniella Art Studio
  • Jam Coconut Foods
  • Ariyike Photography

11) Best Creative Social Enterprise of the Year

  • Dreamcatchers
  • Lagos Food Bank Initiative
  • One Word Africa

12) Best Creative Kids Brand

  • Maison Loulabelle
  • Arie and Arin
  • Philos and Zoe

13) Best Arts and Crafts Person

  • Amama Design
  • Oludidit
  • Kachi Irondi

14) Best Home & Lifestyle Brand

  • Alaga Collections
  • Ile-ila
  • Oxygen Furniture

15) Best African Brand

  • Mabaki Mali Tanzania
  • Root in Style Ethopia
  • Egudzi Ghana


1. Can I Vote more than once for a nominee? Unfortunately, no! You can only cast your vote once. NOT ONCE A DAY, NOT MULTIPLE TIMES, JUST ONCE.

2. Can I Vote for more than one brand? Certainly, yes! You can decide to vote for a nominee across all categories.

3. Can I Vote randomly? Yes you can, if you believe a brand deserves to win after researching and coming across their good works, even without knowing the brand. Cast your vote!

4. What is the purpose of voting? You might disagree, but this voting process is so vital as it creates brand awareness for the nominated brand. I must say, this in itself encourages a nominee to stay focused, the world is watching. This voting process also opens doors for nominated brands.

5. Why does the voting process just determine the top 3? We acknowledge that, it is important for the consumers to participate in the award process because they know the brands better. This serves as a nudge and bonding between a producer and a consumer/customer. However, they can only determine the top 3 official nominees.

The judging experts are crucial to determine the category winner, because they will need to scrutinise the most deserving brand and judge them based on the following:

Impact: Is your business demonstrating some impact already in the economy?
Job Creation: Has the business created some jobs and has the potential to create more high quality jobs?
Quality of Work: Does the business show great quality and competence to compete globally?
Customer Satisfaction: Is the company socially present and accepted by consumers?
Scalability: Does the company already earn revenues and does it have potential to scale.

6. What is ACE Awards about? Click here to know more..

7. Can I be at the Awards Ceremony? Yes, book your seat..







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